While the entire United States has been suffering from increased rates of opioid addiction, as well as alcohol use disorders, Tennessee is a state that has particularly been hit hard by the epidemic, with drug overdose deaths hitting 1307 in 2018. Many of these were from synthetic opioids such as fentanyl and synthetic opioids with similar potency as fentanyl. The situation once proved to be dire, and is still to be viewed with concern, but strong efforts from the recovery and rehabilitation community have proven to be effectual in treating opioid and alcohol addiction in Nashville, Tennessee.

There are many treatment options and several facilities to choose from, if you or a loved one are in need of addiction treatment in Nashville, how do you know which rehab is right for you? Ask yourself these questions to figure out the best Nashville drug rehab to start a new beginning.

What Type of Addiction Treatment Programs are Available?

You will hear all of the time that addiction is often a complex case. When that is said, it doesn’t mean treatment is any harder for that person, necessarily. Complex is used in a “clinical” case setting, meaning that there are multiple factors to a person’s addiction(s). This is a contrast to how addiction used to be viewed a century ago, as a physical or moral failing.

Clinical psychology, neuroscience, and biological advances have proven that to be markedly untrue. People have addictions for both complex psychological and physiological reasons. The end result is this: treatment centers can specialize in and offer many different types of treatment protocols.

There are many drug rehabs in Nashville that provide access to treatment focusing on certain aspects of treatment such as addressing trauma or fostering a wellness practice in conjunction with sobriety. Southeast Addiction provides robust and time-tested methods of addiction treatment such as individual and group therapy, intimate case management, medication assisted treatment, alongside Vivitrol maintenance.

Is There an Addiction Treatment Program that Fits Your Commitment Level?

What to Consider When Choosing a Drug Rehab in Nashville - Is There an Addiction Treatment Program that Fits Your Commitment Level?

One of the most difficult things about addiction is that it is an issue that wreaks tremendous havoc on your life but does not magically suspend all other obligations and duties a person must tend to. In fact, one of the clearest signs that someone has developed a substance use disorder is when they fail to handle their responsibilities in favor of getting high or drunk. Though, to be clear, there are outliers who can lead functional lives but still have a deeply unhealthy and problematic relationship with say, alcohol. These people need treatment as well.

Regardless, most addiction treatment programs are often grouped as:

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program – An OP is a program in which busy individuals or those who are stepping down from a more intensive program can stay connected to a recovery resource while they take advantage of offerings such as individual therapy, groups, and counseling. The OP is a great place for anyone who requires assistance to get on or stay on a recovery path but has limited hours per week to do so.

Intensive Outpatient Program – An IOP is the next step up in terms of time commitment as compared to an OP. Still considered an outpatient program, it offers greater time to pore over key fundamentals to maintaining a healthy perspective towards oneself, their environment, and their approach to recovery. Services are often similar, but with more time to truly breathe and contend with topics brought up in therapy. The purpose of outpatient treatment is to help people that are bound by obligations or are otherwise unable to commit to a full inpatient stay. This is crucial, as for every person who has a serious issue requiring inpatient stay, there are many, many more people that we encounter in everyday life who struggle silently and require a place to go discreetly.

Partial Hospitalization Program – PHP is the highest level of commitment short of an inpatient stay that most outpatient facilities offer. For Southeast Addiction, this is true as well. PHP’s are a place to truly spend time working with qualified doctors, counselors, therapists, and your fellow groups members.

Through this incredibly supportive, compassionate, and cooperative community, you can begin to truly gain new perspective and insight into the nature of your motivations for substance use, and how you can redirect those motivations towards healthier means. A PHP is a great way to meet many people in the recovery community who are also on their own journey.

It’s important to make connections with people who understand what you are going through and live a similar lifestyle as you. All too often, many people who are newly sober may struggle to reintegrate into old social groups that are rife with drug use and drinking.

Many people meet lifelong friends that they went to treatment with. Addiction treatment at its best is truly a positive, uplifting experience that stays with you for life, and we at Southeast Addiction strive to foster that nurturing, growth-oriented environment.

How About Insurance for Addiction Treatment?

Does the Nashville drug rehab you’re searching for take your insurance? Let’s address the elephant in the room—addiction treatment can be expensive. Thankfully, the move towards improving mental health in the country has also reached levels of insurance policies as well. The Affordable Care Act is still in effect, and many insurance companies are required to provide some type of coverage for substance use disorders, which are considered as part of essential health benefits.

Southeast Addiction partners with a variety of insurance companies to ensure that we can be open to admission for as many patients as possible.

Look at Their Team and Testimonials

When considering a facility, browse their team page and see who works there. Addiction treatment is a people driven field, and you want the people helping you to be driven by purpose! Our staff at Southeast Addiction meet and exceed those requirements, and we are deeply proud of their commitment and compassion.

Through browsing the team page of a Nashville drug rehab, you will be able to first meet the people you will potentially be spending hours per week with. Just as important are their credentials, which are often a part of a team members bio to give you comfort in knowing that this person is both qualified to help and was driven to obtain those means to do so.

Lastly, how are their testimonials? It can be highly reassuring when you are struggling, and in a low place mentally to hear the stories of people who went through treatment and are that much better for it.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Nashville TN

At the end of the day, if you are suffering from a substance use disorder, it is your responsibility to take the first step to get better. But should you take that first step, you will have a support system and resources at your disposal to make sure the burden of choosing a Nashville drug rehab, is not yours to bear alone. You are not alone.

For anyone seeking addiction treatment in Nashville, TN, for themselves, for a loved one, contact Southeast Addiction today to get started with our admissions process. We are confident we can help anyone who comes through our doors. Learn more about our Nashville drug rehab here.

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