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Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) focuses on providing a smooth transition from a high level of care to a more calmed environment

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Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Drug Rehabilitation

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) focuses on providing a smooth transition from a high level of care to a more calmed environment. Allowing each client to utilize the skills they’ve learned with a sense of freedom, Southeast Addiction’s IOP program still provides the same structure and support in a more relaxed setting.

Whether you are seeking outpatient alcohol treatment or for other substances, within our IOP program, clients can choose from a range of options including gaining employment, volunteering, or attending support groups in the area. In our Georgia rehab facility, this level of care is essential for those struggling to overcome their addiction.

Why Is IOP So Important?

While treatment can separate the patient from the real world, when they immediately return back to the same environment with no support or structure, they are at risk for relapse. At Southeast Addiction Center in Georgia, an IOP program is critical to bridge the gap between the real world and treatment. By reinforcing the tools and skills each client receives in intensive treatment, each client has a better chance at sustaining long-term recovery.

Patients also work with their therapists individually on a weekly basis. While patients are not attending group therapy meetings, they are free to go to meetings of their choice and to seek employment or volunteer. Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment and IOP for other substance abuse disorders provides patients with a smooth transition from a treatment setting to continuing their journey of recovery and living a happy and sober life. Family members can rest assured that their loved ones are getting the drug and alcohol treatment they need in order to make a change.

  • Our IOP program in Georgia provides opportunities for you to develop communication skills and participate in socialization experiences; this is particularly useful for individuals whose socializing has revolved around using drugs or alcohol
  • IOP establishes an environment in which you help, support, and when necessary, confront one another
  • IOP introduces structure and discipline into the often-chaotic lives you or your loved one have lived.
  • IOP provides norms that reinforce healthful ways of interacting and a safe and supportive therapeutic milieu that is crucial for recovery
  • IOP also continues to advance individual recovery; group members who are further along in recovery can help other members
  • IOP provides a venue for group leaders to transmit new information, teach new skills, and guide clients as they practice new behaviors
  • IOP is a time where the client is reintroduced to working and learn to balance time between recovery and work

Long-term sobriety requires a strong support network and ongoing personal growth to acquire healthy skills for developing relationships and decision-making. Our intensive outpatient program advances recovery through proven therapies that help individuals cope with cravings and the compulsion to use; identify and cope with anger, resentment, stress, and other triggers; and develop and maintain healthy relationships.

Treatment programming is designed to address individual risks for relapse and current environmental stressors. It allows clients the opportunity to put into practice the recovery skills they’ve learned and to process their successes and challenges in a supportive, safe space. Clients are also encouraged to participate in 12-step meetings and to further develop their sober support network while in treatment.

Our IOP program in the Atlanta area is an important part of our continuum of care and our commitment to help clients maintain and thrive in their recovery. Our team will work with you or your loved one to determine if IOP treatment services are appropriate.


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