Alumni Program

Your path to recovery doesn’t stop when you complete an addiction treatment program. Recovery is an ongoing process that requires you to build a life that embraces sobriety. A major part of this is establishing a long-term support system that you can rely on throughout the course of your recovery, like an Alumni Program.

Southeast Addiction offers an Alumni Program for clients who have successfully completed treatment with us. This program provides many opportunities for people to sustain long-lasting recovery. Included in our program are alumni recovery meetings, alumni events and the opportunity to speak with current clients attending Southeast Addiction.

One of the greatest impacts of our program is its ability to reduce the risk of relapse for people in early recovery. Relapse rates are highest in the first 12 months because this is the time when people are most vulnerable and still healing from their addiction. Without a strong support system, it’s easy to fall back into the deceitful trap of drugs and alcohol.

Aside from relapse prevention, our program for Alumni’s also focuses on personal growth, peer networking and motivational encouragement. It’s easier to stay sober – and be happy doing it – when you have the guidance and support of a network you trust.

What are the Benefits of Our Alumni Program?

Our Alumni Program is open to any clients who have successfully completed our treatment program. We know that times can get tough and we want our clients to have a place to go when they feel the temptation to use again. Over time, as they grow stronger in their recovery, we hope these individuals will find peace in our program and help guide newly recovering addicts down the right path.

Here are some benefits to taking part in our Alumni Program at any stage in your recovery journey:

  • Develop positive relationships
  • Participate in sober activities
  • Keep busy and prevent boredom
  • Actively participate in relapse prevention strategies
  • Stay connected to other people in recovery
  • Hold yourself accountable for completing your goals
  • Engage in peer networking for social and professional development
  • Receive consistent encouragement and motivation

Southeast Addiction will always remain committed to your recovery. With various levels of substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment, as well as aftercare and alumni programs, you will never be alone in your journey. Contact us today to learn more about our Alumni Program.

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