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We have a reason for suggesting that sobriety ought not mark one’s primary goal. Sobriety allows for clear thinking. But it does not alleviate what lies beneath substance use.

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Holistic Treatment For Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The concept of holistic treatment incorporates all the different dimensions of a person. It purposes to do much more than encourage sobriety. Make no mistake. Sobriety can serve us well. But treatment must offer much more. Treatment must address the struggles and issues beneath the cravings. Holistic treatment goes deeper.

To that end, Southeast Addiction Center GA probes the following questions:

  • Defining the concept of “holistic treatment”
  • The benefits of implementing holistic options into a treatment plan
  • Examples of holistic treatment options
  • Evidence of successful holistic interventions
  • How you can get more info about holistic treatment

Defining The Concept Of Holistic Treatment

We have a reason for suggesting that sobriety ought not mark one’s primary goal. Sobriety allows for clear thinking. But it does not alleviate what lies beneath substance use. In fact, many people self-medicate because of how they feel when sober. Sobriety removes the effects of a substance from our thinking. But that does not mean that we think entirely without obstruction.

Holism means treating all the different parts of a person. We become sober so that we can become aware of ourselves. That is, become aware of our whole selves. Our humanity combines different elements. We all have bodies, minds, and psyches. We even derived the science of psychology from the Greek word “psyche.” It referred to a spirit or soul. The inner substance that truly made a human human. Whether or not you believe in such a concept, holistic treatment intends to address it.

The Benefits Of Implementing Holistic Options Into A Treatment Plan

When you hear the term “holistic,” think “whole person.” Holistic treatment offers options that help all aspects of a person. Again, what good does sobriety offer if we do not address other problems? For example, consider someone who struggles with an addiction to Xanax (a benzodiazepine). Sobriety alone will not address mental illness. It will not heal damage done to the person’s body.

Holistic Treatment For The Body

Many substance addictions and mental illnesses brutalize the body. Sleep and nutrition constitute two of the most common essentials for a healthy body. And yet, substance abuse and mental illnesses take a toll on both sleep and nutrition. Browse the negative effects of just about any substance use disorder or mental ailment. You can almost guarantee that insomnia and malnourishment appear on such a list. Ergo, two of the best holistic decisions include getting more sleep and regulating one’s nutrition.

Holistic Treatment For The Mind

Therapy might appear as a foregone conclusion. In fairness, not every form of therapy works for every person. But to properly recover, we must care for our minds. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has shown evidence of helping those with substance use disorders. So has dialectical behavior therapy. Non-traditional ways of caring for the mind exist as well. We shall address some of them shortly.

Holistic Treatment For The Psyche

Holistic treatment views more than just the components of a person. People have an internal sense of reality. You may call it the soul. For a more secular idea, you might call it consciousness. Whatever we call it, we must remember to observe it. And then, attempt to heal it. Healing the psyche involves examining our pasts. It means digging into painful experiences and moving through trauma.

Examples Of Holistic Treatment Options

Holistic treatment ought not replace any other form of treatment. Instead, consider holistic treatment options as additional tools. One must face one’s problems from as many perspectives as possible. Holistic options exist for such a purpose.


Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “…all natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence.” Exposing ourselves to nature benefits our recovery. Our minds thrive from the presence of plants and fresh air. Southeast Addiction offers nature-oriented recovery practices. On our adventure activities, we go on hikes. Sometimes we kayak. For those who love animals, we also offer equine therapy. Adventure activities help clients work as a team.

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of nutrition. Southeast Addiction’s nutrition program helps clients understand the importance of food choices. The nutrition plan does not aim to put a person on a restrictive diet. Rather, it presents concepts that clients can customize to fit their specific needs.

Movement and physical activity also become pivotal to recovery. Southeast Addiction Center GA holds therapeutic fitness classes. Clients can learn how sports and recreational training contribute to their strength, endurance, and vitality. Massage therapy can relieve tension in the muscles. Although SEA does not offer chiropractic care, we encourage clients to pursue it.


Creativity compels the body, mind, and psyche to work together. SEA’s art therapy gives clients a host of opportunities for creative outlets. The program includes creative writing, journaling, painting, sculpture, music, and much more.

Guided Meditation & Yoga For Mental Wellness

Speaking to a counselor helps one’s mind. But it does not represent the only form of mental care. At Southeast Addiction Center GA, we practice developing our mental resilience. Yoga and guided meditation comprise two key elements of mental resilience.

Evidence Of Successful Holistic Interventions

“That sounds great,” you may think. “But is there any evidence that all this stuff works?” Indeed, evidence for holistic interventions does exist. Nature can decrease mental anguish. Meditation helps relieve substance use disorders. Holistic interventions even show positive indications of aiding people cope with schizophrenia. In India, one study showed how holistic interventions could assist clients struggling with alcohol dependence. A study from Canada demonstrated successful holistic treatment for young people addicted to inhalants.

How You Can Get More Info About Holistic Treatment

People deserve the respect of existing as whole people. For that reason, our Georgia facility presents many options for holistic treatment. We offer options like art therapy, massage therapy, therapeutic fitness, adventure activities, yoga, nutrition, and guided meditation. Using these options help encourage genuine healing, redemption, and transformation. Holistic treatment does not oppose more traditional treatment options. Rather, it works in cohort with other recovery protocols.

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