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Outpatient Treatment Program

Our Outpatient treatment Program (OP) in Georgia is a professional treatment program that is offered with the greatest amount of freedom in mind. It is the ideal next step for those who have successfully navigated our Intensive Outpatient treatment Program. Our outpatient program encompasses individual and group therapy with highly flexible times available. The purpose of outpatient programs is to provide some residual structure from our more intensive programs for clients who have learned the basic skills and habits that create the foundation of a healthy and sustained recovery.

We love to stay in touch with our clients and outpatient programs are a great way to maintain that hard work that was done from the beginning of your journey of recovery to the present. After working through the major issues, outpatient care is there for those who want to focus on keeping in touch and maintaining what they have accomplished.

– From individual therapy to group therapy, to trauma-based therapy and 12-step support, our clients learn how to find their own strength as well as create a support system around them. The transition from addiction to sobriety can be hard, however, at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, we guide each client through the process – step by step.

  • Evening weekly outpatient schedule allows clients to maintain employment
  • Individual therapy, relapse prevention groups, trauma groups
  • Intensive therapy with master’s level clinicians
  • Night-time case management services including legal, financial aid, etc.
  • Regular appointments with our medical team to address medications or other health issues
  • Needed accountability which helps to achieve long-term recovery
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Southeast Addiction Center exists for one purpose: to help addicts establish sustainable recovery.