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Heroin is an opioid made from morphine. It may come in a white or brown powder or a black sticky consistency known as black tar heroin. Roughly 80% of the people who abuse heroin abuse prescription drugs first.

Heroin detox will occur shortly after stopping heroin and can cause severe withdrawal symptoms after prolonged misuse. Enrolling in Southeast Addiction Center’s leading heroin detox program in Atlanta, GA, is the best way to stay safe during a heroin withdrawal.

How Southeast Addiction Center Relieves Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

In 2019, more than 19% of drug overdoses involved heroin. But there are ways to manage heroin withdrawal and come off the drug for good. The most common treatment for opioids like heroin includes medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and behavioral counseling.

MAT medications for heroin abuse include buprenorphine and methadone. These are derivatives of morphine used to ease the withdrawal symptoms caused by heroin. This can help individuals stick to their sobriety goals and manage their comfort levels.

These medications are used with behavioral therapies to ensure a whole-person approach to treatment.

Why Consider Us?

Southeast Addiction Center Atlanta, GA, is fully licensed and accreditated. Our team goes the extra mile to raise the standard of safety and quality of care for our clients.

Our team of nurses, therapists, and group facilitators are trained to guide our clients through sharing their thoughts and feelings, aligning treatment plans that promote mental wellness, and learning how to manage emotions.

We focus on your needs during individual therapy to approach your detox program as best as possible. Your therapist will create an individualized plan dictated by your state of wellness, any mental health conditions, and other substances you might be using.

Our care for our patients extends to our detox center ambiance. Enjoy amenities like luxury, vinyl plank flooring, catered meals prepared onsite, and onsite drinks and snacks. You are also to bring some of your favorite items from home to provide additional comfort.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our client testimonials and reviews show how beneficial Southeast Addiction Center Atlanta treatment can be. We pride ourselves in the services we provide. Hearing from our clients how impactful our programs and staff have been on their journey through recovery speaks for itself.

Whether the reviews are good or bad, we consider every person’s thoughts. We hold ourselves accountable for continually improving our practices and listening to our client’s suggestions.

Southeast Addiction Center’s Heroin Detox Programs

A safe and supportive environment for heroin detox allows individuals to begin their recovery journey. The detox process addresses the immediate physical effects of drug use, prepares individuals for ongoing treatment, and sets the stage for long-term sobriety.

Inpatient Heroin Detox

Inpatient heroin detox has several benefits. A residential setting in a dedicated detox facility typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks. The time you spend with us depends on your dependency on heroin and your specific needs.

After you are admitted to our inpatient heroin detox program in Atlanta, GA, you will receive a thorough assessment to determine the appropriate course of treatment. This assessment considers the duration and intensity of your heroin use, overall health status, and co-occurring disorders and mental health conditions.

After the assessment and determination of your needs, the level of care we provide is 24/7. You will have a dedicated team of professionals with experience managing heroin withdrawal symptoms. Common withdrawal symptoms may include anxiety, restlessness, muscle aches, nausea, insomnia, and intense drug cravings. Your safety is our number one priority.

Detox is your first step at our recovery center. Once the detox recovery process is complete, we will help you transition to ongoing treatment. Your transition could include residential rehabilitation, intensive outpatient programs, or counseling. Participating in ongoing treatment helps address the underlying issues that led to addiction. This sets you up for long-term addiction recovery.

Outpatient Heroin Detox

For some clients, outpatient treatment for heroin detox is a viable option. This non-residential path allows you to receive detoxification services while living at home. You are still required to come to the detox center for scheduled sessions. The flexibility and independence of outpatient heroin detox allow you to continue your daily responsibilities, such as work, school, or family commitments.

Even though 24/7 supervision isn’t feasible with outpatient care, you will still receive medical monitoring when you come into the facility for your sessions and appointments. We can monitor your progress and provide necessary interventions to manage your symptoms.

One aspect to remember is that you must take on some accountability and self-management for a medical detox to succeed. You must follow your treatment plan, attend your appointments, and follow all instructions. This level of independence can empower you to participate in your recovery process.

Just as with inpatient programming, you will still transition to ongoing treatment. The expectation for participating in group therapy, meeting with your healthcare professionals, and engaging in aftercare are still a priority.

Southeast Addiction Center’s Heroin Detox Servicese

Holistic therapy is an alternative treatment service that focuses on the whole person, not just specific addiction-related symptoms. Our therapists consider our clients’ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, allowing them to achieve balance and develop coping skills. We use several holistic therapy services, including yoga, massage, meditation, outdoor activities, chiropractic care, nutrition, fitness, and art.

Group therapy is another valuable treatment service that CBT and DBT work with. Your therapist leads this session in a safe and structured environment. This setting provides a sense of connection and support. No one speaks over or interrupts each other in the group.
You can learn from the experience of others and adopt new coping strategies. The group can introduce fresh perspectives. Forming bonds can make you feel less alone and more supported. You can hold each other accountable to stay motivated while navigating recovery.

Our family program provides understanding, support, and education for family members. It strengthens relationships by addressing the impact of addiction on family dynamics.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) helps our clients process and overcome traumatic experiences. EMDR is based on the idea that unresolved traumatic memories are stored in the brain because individuals can experience distress and symptoms years after the event. 

EMDR involves a structured approach that includes identifying a  target memory. Using eye movements, sounds, or taps, your therapist will activate the brain’s natural healing processes. From there, the brain reprocesses the memory with a more adaptive resolution.

Facts about Heroin Addiction in Atlanta, GA

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) estimates thousands of people in Atlanta are addicted to heroin.

Heroin was the second-highest cause of overdose deaths of any drug in 2020. 

By 2021, the number of people dying from heroin overdoses grew from the previous count of 853 to 1,718. That’s an increase of 101%.  

29 of the counties in Georgia outpace the entire country in heroin-related deaths.

Next Steps after Heroin Detox

Your recovery doesn’t stop after you leave our detox center. Instead, we recommend a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or an intensive outpatient program (IOP). These treatment programs take the detox you gained and move you to our addiction rehab center.

PHP offers structured care during the day, allowing you to return home at night. It provides intensive treatment, including medication management and counseling.

IOPs are a flexible treatment option without an inpatient stay. You get to maintain your daily routines while addressing your addiction. IOP aims to stabilize mood swings, manage symptoms, and improve functioning.

Aftercare can come in several forms. We have found proven success with relapse prevention and non-12-step programs.

  • Relapse Prevention is a set of techniques our therapists use to prevent our clients from returning to destructive behaviors and thinking. The therapist assists the client with identifying triggers and exchanging them for positive behaviors. The goal for this component of a treatment plan is long-term recovery by preventing addictive behaviors. 
  • Non-12-Step is an approach that doesn’t follow a linear path like a traditional 12-step program. Without a non-12-step system, we create a customized aftercare plan that includes therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, SMART Recovery, and Refuge Recovery.

Get the Heroin Detox and Addiction Treatment You Deserve

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