Kratom Detox Program in Atlanta, GA

Once an obscure herbal compound unknown to most people, kratom abuse has increased substantially in recent years. So much so that people seek a kratom detox program in Atlanta, GA, for kratom dependence.

You might be wondering what kratom is precisely. Kratom comes from a plant known as Mitragyna speciosa. The substance is typically found in powder or tablet form.

More than 20 active chemicals in kratom can interact with the brain. However, the two main components of the drug are alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxy mitragynine. These chemicals can bond to opioid receptors in the brain activated by illegal drugs such as heroin or illicit prescription opioid.

While kratom is legal in Georgia for individuals 18 and over, legislators are working to make it an illegal controlled substance.

In recent years, some people are attempting to use it to help them wean themselves off of opioids. While kratom may alleviate some opioid withdrawal symptoms, this is often a mistake. Without a detox plan, these people frequently depend on kratom, which has side effects and consequences. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How We Relieve Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms

Some medications that might be prescribed for the management of kratom cravings during the detox process include:

  • Naltrexone: Used off-label to reduce cravings
  • Propranolol: Helps reduce anxiety
  • Tiagabine: Anticonvulsant medication that helps reduce cravings
  • Modafinil: Can treat the neurotransmitter deficiencies produced by kratom addictions
  • Baclofen: A muscle relaxant that may reduce anxiety and cravings
  • Disulfiram: Commonly used for alcohol addiction, this medication may also help minimize kratom cravings

Though medications are not a cure for kratom addiction, they can help reduce the side effects produced by withdrawal. This helps to minimize the desire for kratom to stop those symptoms.

Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms

With so many withdrawal symptoms, getting help from a treatment center is best. The Southeast Addiction Center Atlanta professionals can help you get kratom out of your system and start your recovery. They will consistently monitor your health condition and help you overcome this first step in substance use disorder recovery.

Some withdrawal symptoms you might experience include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Tremors
  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Restlessness
  • Severe depression
  • Insomnia
  • Panic
  • Excessive crying
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Sweating
  • High blood pressure
  • Abdominal cramping

Why Choose Southeast Addiction Center Atlanta, GA?

The experience of our detox team is unparalleled in the state. We provide ourselves on offering care that feels like home. Our facility provides a stable living space with accommodating amenities for our client’s comfort. 

At our kratom detox program in Atlanta, GA, you’ll have a TV and Wi-Fi in your room with many options for streaming shows and movies. Our comfortable beds are topped with cozy down covers to maximize relaxation. And while you’re staying here, you’ll get the latest treatments and natural therapies to help you feel better.

Enjoy amenities like luxury, vinyl plank flooring, catered meals prepared onsite, and onsite drinks and snacks. You are also to bring some of your favorite items from home to provide additional comfort.

Our Kratom Detox Programs

When a person becomes sober, they must first undergo kratom detox. Depending on a medical professional’s assessment, kratom detox can be inpatient or outpatient. Our detox center offers both options.

Inpatient Kratom Detox

Inpatient detox is recommended for people who need a safe, secure, and structured environment to complete their detox treatment. They will be required to check into a facility where they will receive constant monitoring and medical attention. They will also be given counseling when necessary.

Outpatient Kratom Detox

An outpatient detox is an option for those with mild kratom addiction, a busy home or work schedule, or a strong support system. Patients will be asked to travel to a facility to receive their detox treatment, then be allowed to rest at home afterward.

Our Kratom Detox Services

Without a personalized plan, after detox is complete, many individuals will relapse. The repeated cycle of relapse can have determinantal effects on both the physical and mental aspects of a person’s body.

Engaging in therapeutic services after kratom detox can help individuals struggling with severe substance abuse and mental health challenges to understand behavioral health and make positive lifestyle changes. Your therapist will have you develop a plan to meet your specific needs.

Some of the detox services you can expect include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) is a psychological treatment effective for various disorders. These include depression and anxiety disorders and substance use issues. Evidence-based research shows that CBT significantly improves functioning and quality of life. 
  • Holistic therapy is an alternative treatment service that focuses on the whole person, not just specific addiction-related symptoms. Our therapists consider our clients’ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, allowing them to achieve balance and develop coping skills. We use several holistic therapy services, including yoga, massage, meditation, outdoor activities, chiropractic care, nutrition, fitness, and art.
  • Group therapy is another valuable treatment service that CBT and DBT work with. Your therapist leads this session in a safe and structured environment. This setting provides a sense of connection and support. No one speaks over or interrupts each other in the group.You can learn from the experience of others and adopt new coping strategies. The group can introduce fresh perspectives. Forming bonds can make you feel less alone and more supported. You can hold each other accountable to stay motivated while navigating recovery.
  • Our family program provides understanding, support, and education for family members. It strengthens relationships by addressing the impact of addiction on family dynamics.

Stats about Kratom Addiction in Atlanta, GA?

Parents around the state are pushing for making kratom illegal after the deaths of their children. In 2022, the use of kratom was linked to approximately 100 deaths in the Atlanta metro area.

In December 2022, his friends found Ethan Pope, a Georgia resident, dead after taking kratom. His parents are among those forcing tighter restrictions on drug abuse involving kratom. They also want to push for more awareness of the effects of kratom.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), a few street names are used in Atlanta, GA, for kratom. Those include thang, kakuam, thom, ketum, and biak.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns against kratom and does not approve it. The FDA explains that the possibility of opioid addiction can occur, particularly when taken in higher doses.

What’s Next after Kratom Detox?

Relapse Prevention is a set of techniques our therapists use to prevent our clients from returning to destructive behaviors and thinking after medical detox. The therapist assists the client with identifying triggers and exchanging them for positive behaviors. The goal for this component of a treatment plan is long-term recovery by preventing addictive behaviors. 

Non-12-Step is an approach that doesn’t follow a linear path like a traditional 12-step program. Without a non-12-step system, we create a customized plan for aftercare that could include the following:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Management
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • SMART Recovery
  • Refuge Recovery

Getting the Treatment You Deserve

If you or a loved one is struggling with kratom use, know you are not alone. Overcoming a kratom addiction can be difficult. Having the courage to go through drug detox is the first step.

If you or a loved one needs support combatting this addiction, we encourage you to contact our kratom detox program in Atlanta, GA, at 888-981-8263 or by email at

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