How a Sober Living Home is a Great Next Step in Treatment

Southeast Addiction Center has helped many people already since opening its doors in Norfolk GA. Through our PHP, IOP and OPs we’ve found a great place for people who require varying levels of time commitment and structure in their recovery journey.

Southeast Addiction Center has helped many people already since opening its doors in Norfolk GA. Through our PHP, IOP and OPs we’ve found a great place for people who require varying levels of time commitment and structure in their recovery journey. However, you might wonder what’s a good next step after you’ve completed treatment? This article dives into one option—which is sober living homes and what benefits they can provide someone who is recovering from addiction.

What are Sober Living Homes?

A sober living home is a residence that provides a safe and (often) highly structured environment for those recovering from addiction to live in. Addiction is a terrible disease that harms many people throughout the world. One of the major issues with substance use disorders is that during the peak of that lifestyle, a person who is suffering from a SUD is often times living their days with a total lack of structure. Their entire lifestyle surrounds their usage habits and the lack of structure can make day to day living extremely difficult.

For that reason, leaving the therapy-centric confines of a treatment program can be daunting when you’re attempting to transition back to daily living. While you’ll never truly be without our help because we are always here for our program patients or alumni (as well as telehealth skype sessions), sober living homes can provide a structured entry into daily life for people who feel they need it.

How Do Sober Living Homes Help?

Sober living homes can help by providing a strict atmosphere of accountability. Of course, drugs are prohibited as is alcohol, violence of any kind, and overnight guests.

Sober homes often do random drug and alcohol testing to ensure that residents stay accountable. These policies are very strictly enforced as it is very important to maintain a sober living environment not just for the patient themselves, but for everyone. The primary benefit of sober homes is that they greatly help in preventing relapse for those who are leaving treatment and seeking a return to normal life but would still like to benefit from a recovery-focused environment.

Additionally, sober living homes involve participation in recovery meetings. These can be a useful additive to an ongoing program such as one of the one’s Southeast Addiction offers, or they can be a helpful anchor if you have already completed a program and simply are maintaining recovery.

Most importantly, the experience of living in a sober home is contingent upon the peer group that you will be staying with. Just as how continually being involved with the wrong crowd can keep you stymied in bad habits and poor lifestyle choices, being involved with a peer group that is striving for maintaining good health, habits, and recovery will provide a sense of community. It is much easier to develop new, healthy habits and cement them in when you’re in an environment conducive to that process.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is a Logical Precursor to Sober Living

At Southeast Addiction, our PHP has helped many people get on their feet and build the foundation that will support healthy and long-lasting recovery. This program was designed to provide a realistic setting for those who are coming in for treatment.

The four components of our PHP are:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Sessions
  • Medication Management

The PHP requires a significant number of contact hours and thus is a fantastic program for those seeking a serious commitment to their recovery. It will also allow patients to become accustomed to spending a good portion of their day in a recovery-focused environment—which will allow the transition to a sober living home much easier. It is, of course, possible to also be a resident in a sober living home and attend this program.

Our PHP is a comprehensive treatment plan that not only provides individualized treatment but also encourages the many benefits that group therapy brings. Group therapy will be a great place to become accustomed to sharing your thoughts in recovery and getting involved with group activities aimed at creating solidarity.

While individual therapy is important, group therapy has notable benefits such as helping you identify that there are some fairly common triggers for relapse that many people experience, as well as understanding that something you may have thought was shared, might be a unique trigger for you to key in on.

The most important thing is that you do not feel as if you are alone on this journey. Not only are we here to help you, but your fellow groupmates will be right there alongside you doing the work.

Addiction Treatment Center Norcross Georgia

Southeast Addiction Center was founded by a team that truly cares about the outcomes of our patients. The addiction space is so large, there are many treatment centers out there but not all of them take a patient-focused approach first. It is important to choose a facility that has professional accreditations and experienced, licensed staff as we do.

From individual therapy to group therapy to family counseling, we will offer the best solution for your highly specific needs. Not everyone starts at the same place, but we wish to make sure that all of our patients end up at the same place—sober, safe, secure.

Contact us today if you wish to inquire about our programs, the application process, or about any of our additional services and we’d love to help you.

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