Why You Shouldn’t Detox From Alcohol On Your Own

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There are many dangerous substances that addicts will consume. Of all of these illicit drugs and substances, alcohol is more frequently used and socially accepted. Many people are incapable of seeing the consequences that come when you misuse alcohol. They might see having a couple of drinks at home or at social gatherings as a way to unwind. While this can be true for some who don’t have an issue, for others who have addictive tendencies, these outlets are what will continue to fuel their vices, if left unchecked. 

For the many Americans who struggle with alcohol, addiction treatment centers provide a safe setting to recover from setbacks. Attempting to detox from alcohol on your own can be dangerous and pose serious risks to your health. The team at Southeast Addiction will guide you through the process of alcohol detox through one of our comprehensive treatment programs. Today, we will be discussing why you shouldn’t detox from alcohol on your own.

Suffering From Delirium Tremens

Deemed as one of the more serious effects of alcohol, delirium tremens or DTs, is a severe form of alcohol withdrawal and occurs with alcoholics or people who don’t drink as heavily as alcoholics. Symptoms of DTs can include hallucinations, seizures, confusion, light sensitivity, nausea, physical injury, etc. This occurs when you stop drinking after a period of heavy drinking. It’s also exacerbated further if you haven’t had enough food. You can read more about delirium tremens here.

At-Home Alcohol Detox Puts Your Safety At Risk

Something you should never forsake during the process of alcohol detox is your safety. Detox is already unpredictable for a lot of people. If you’ve been regularly consuming alcohol for a long time (for 3 years or more) it makes it that much more arduous to get sober. It’s very easy to have physical or emotional disturbances when detoxing, which is why at-home detox is not the best way to go about your recovery. We aren’t telling you this to instill fear, but the benefits from attending an alcohol detox program are unmatched. In these programs, you will always have access to medical personnel. You’ll also have resources like medication to help in managing withdrawal symptoms. Coupled with around the clock medical assistance, we will do everything in our power to make you feel relaxed during this time.

DIY Detox From Alcohol Won’t Provide Comfort

Attempting to get sober at home is going to come with its own set of challenges. We mentioned in the previous section that one of the main benefits of detox programs is access to medical professionals and medication. The benefits of professional treatment don’t stop there. As a patient, you will also be eligible to join individual and group therapy sessions. We find that it’s very cathartic to be in a setting with like-minded individuals who are striving for the same goals. The noise from the outside world, more specifically, your inner circle, is at bay when immersed in a therapeutic setting. Despite what you may think about your family and friends having the best intentions in helping you get better, at the end of the day, intentions don’t breed success. They aren’t trained professionals. Leaning on just them will stunt your growth, not propel it. Addiction treatment specialists will not only nurture you in your time of need, but they will also hold you accountable for any erratic patterns of behavior. 

Professional Alcohol Detox Lowers Your Risk Of Relapse

If you are trying to detox on your own at home, the risk of relapsing will be higher compared to detoxing in an alcohol detox facility. There are some logical explanations for this. For starters, you may feel compelled to drink again when things get difficult. So if withdrawal symptoms start to appear at home, the temptation to pick up the bottle will drastically increase. On the other hand, when experiencing withdrawal ailments at one of our detox centers, support and medical intervention will take place immediately, to help you get through it. Cravings will still be imminent in the beginning, but you won’t be able to relapse when staying at a treatment facility. 

Alcohol Detox Treatment In Nashville TN

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