What To Know: Crystal Meth Detox

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Here at Southeast Addiction, our team is fully aware of the extensive history of crystal meth and the impact that it continues to have. For our patients who are actively looking to curb their addiction, we offer comprehensive crystal meth detox programs, which give patients the tools to be aligned for success. Let’s deep dive into the historical background of the drug, its impact on its users, and how a dedicated detox program can help on the journey of recovery.

Crystal Meth is a powerful drug that has impacted many lives. Amphetamines have been around for quite some time, and its origins date back prior to the 20th century, in Romania. A chemist by the name of Lazar Edeleanu created it in 1887. The amphetamine was originally created as a nasal decongestant. A few years later, methamphetamines were created. Methamphetamine was also used by the Allied powers and Axis soldiers during WWII, so its presence has been lingering for quite some time. 

Following the conclusion of the war, methamphetamine was readily available in prescriptions like Methedrine. In 1970, the US government enacted the Controlled Substances Act. We’d like to go into more detail about what a detox program should look like and what our patients should expect. 

Crystal Meth Detox: The Impact Of Crystal Meth On Your Brain

There is a common term associated with meth, which gives users a glimpse of its effects on the body. “Speed” is what a variety of consumers call it. It’s a stimulant that makes your brain operate at a faster pace. The brain and spinal cord are connected, making up our central nervous system. The spine connects the rest of the nerves to the body, with the brain sending a nerve signal to the spinal cord. 

These signals will then go down into the spinal cord in the nerves. Methamphetamines accelerate this process, meaning it will happen faster than normal. Studies have shown that chronic use of crystal meth has been associated with a dip in the dopamine system, which can affect motor speed and our reception to verbal learning. These findings seek to assess the significant change for the structural and functional components of the brain that ties into our memories and emotions. The misuse of this drug is detrimental to one’s physical and emotional well-being. Our team at Southeast Addiction is committed to getting you through these difficult times, regardless of how far in or crippling the addiction is!

How Does Meth Make People Feel?

Meth, like other substances, can make its users feel more focused and alert. In many cases, it can make people feel more self-aware and confident. Additionally, your sense of hunger can decrease, some can even go several hours without eating. As your brain processes begin to pick up, the body will pick up momentum as well. When under the influence, a person might twitch or squirm, and these actions can mimic someone who is suffering a manic episode. 

Withdrawal Symptoms And Detoxing From Crystal Meth

Withdrawal symptoms will occur when dependent individual has weened themselves off of the drug they’ve been using. The withdrawal symptoms for crystal meth include increase cravings, depression, a dip in overall energy and motivation, irregularities with sleep, and thoughts of suicide. While these symptoms will be debilitating in the very beginning, the feelings will begin to subside after a few weeks. 

Detox options for crystal meth are in place and they are quite useful for ridding your body of any toxicity. Detox is the process of observing and providing care for someone that is struggling with these symptoms. For any symptoms affiliated with stress and anxiety, a medical doctor can prescribe meds to keep these feelings at bay.

Getting The Help You Need For Crystal Meth Detox

Southeast Addiction provides treatment services in a variety of locations, including Atlanta, GA, and Nashville, TN. Crystal meth detox falls under the treatment umbrella of our other detox services. To receive more information on admissions and getting started, contact our team today so that we can better assist your loved ones on their journey of sobriety!


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