Managing Cocaine Detox In Georgia

If you or someone you care about has succumbed to their addictions, rest assured, help is always around the corner. Southeast Addiction will work with you to fight your cocaine addiction. Contact us today to learn more about the process! 

The state of Georgia has struggled with its own drug epidemic. The number of Georgians who die annually from cocaine use is second only to New York State. Georgia has been struggling with its own drug epidemic for decades now. A variety of Georgians have turned to drugs such as cocaine or prescription pill abuse because of the need or want for an escape from reality, much like many other states in the country. 

Regardless of your reasoning, overcoming your addiction is key to living a healthy and prosperous life. For residents who are in need of Cocaine detox in Georgia, the team of professionals at Southeast Addiction is ready to assist. Read on to learn more about how cocaine has impacted the state of Georgia and how an addiction treatment center can help to remedy these sorrows. 

The Drug Threat Plaguing Georgia

Georgia is the 10th most populous state in the nation with about 8.4 million residents. The population saw an increase of 26% from 1990 to 2000, which outdid the national population growth rate of 13.1% within that same decade. This growth was spurred by the state’s flourishing economy which is led by manufacturing, agriculture, banking, tourism, and the service industries. The bulk of the population growth occurred in Atlanta, the state’s largest city. While the city prides itself on its ethnic diversity, it’s also become easier for members of foreign drug trafficking organizations (DTOs), and criminal groups to blend into society, which makes it easier to distribute methamphetamines and cannabis. 

Criminal groups are clever in their approach. They will usually transport drugs through the Georgia overland, with commercial and private vehicles on the state’s robust interstates. While the transportation of all drugs is dangerous, cocaine is the primary drug that threatens Georgia. The drug is also associated with the most crime in the state. Hispanic criminal groups will often transport the illegal substances into Georgia. Much of the powdered cocaine is converted to crack before it’s redistributed at the midlevel and retail level. African American and Mexican groups will often distribute the drugs at the retail level.

Due to this longstanding process, residents of the area have been heavily impacted by the presence of cocaine. According to findings from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), the state had more cocaine-related treatment admissions to publicly funded facilities than admissions, for abuse of other drugs from 1997-2001. Treatment admissions peaked at 9,052 in 2001. More recently from findings in 2017, cocaine was involved in 1 out of 5 overdose deaths, but less than 10% of users will get help for their issues. 

The Process Of Cocaine Detox In Georgia

The facts surrounding cocaine use in Georgia might be difficult to process, but it’s because of the severity of the issue, that treatment centers like Southeast Addiction are taking initiative. We are committed to giving patients the tools to curb their addictions and focus on a journey of health and wellness. The process of cocaine detox in Georgia is broken up into two components, inpatient or outpatient detox. This all depends on the assessment of the medical professional. Read below for the distinction.

  • Inpatient Detox: Inpatient Detox is suggested for patients who need a safe and structured environment, in which they can effectively complete their detox. Inpatient treatment involves checking yourself into a facility. This program will ensure that you are receiving all of the necessary medical attention in order to get healthy and slowly wane off the drug. Southeast Addiction has comprehensive treatment solutions at our Athens, Georgia location. You can read more on this here. 
  • Outpatient Detox: For those who are managing a milder cocaine addiction, Outpatient Detox can suffice. Patients are required to travel to a facility to receive a detox treatment, then they’ll be allowed to rest at home right after.
  • The Duration Of Withdrawal Symptoms: You’ve done it. You’ve taken the steps needed to detox from cocaine. But just know, the physical and mental turmoil that will follow is no easy feat, but it makes the outcome worth it. The withdrawal symptoms consist of crash, withdrawal, and extinction. The crash occurs within the first few hours of the day, following that person’s last dose of cocaine. Symptoms will begin to appear, but they are more subdued for most people. Next, withdrawal will kick in. Withdrawal can last anywhere from 1-10 weeks. This is when symptoms are at their worst, and some patients will require assistance from medication to help ease these symptoms. Lastly, extinction is the final phase of the withdrawal symptoms. By this point, many of the major symptoms have subsided, and the feelings of normalcy will begin to reign supreme. Subtle cravings are expected but are often set in motion from negative social interactions and environments.

Working With A Professional Detox Facility In Georgia

If you or someone you care about has succumbed to their addictions, rest assured, help is always around the corner. Southeast Addiction will work with you to fight your cocaine addiction. Contact us today to learn more about the process! 

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