At Southeast Addiction, our patients have the option to enroll in our partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, or outpatient program depending on a variety of factors. For those who are considering enrolling or know of a loved one they would like to see in a program, this article can clarify in particular who our OP program will be the best match for.

What Does Our Outpatient Program Offer?

Our OP is one that gives the greatest amount of flexibility and freedom out of our offerings. We typically suggest this program for those who have gone through our IOP but there are many circumstances in which a person may benefit most from our OP without prior program completion.

The OP provides flexible access to individual therapy, relapse prevention groups, trauma groups, case management services, and regular appointments with medical professionals to address comorbid conditions or other medical needs. We believe a comprehensive support system, no matter your time commitment, is the necessary foundation for a healthy and longstanding journey of recovery.

Situations Where Outpatient Addiction Treatment is Best

Addiction treatment can be approached in many different ways. The most important consideration is what the patient’s needs are. A flexible approach is always the best approach as addiction affects people from all walks of life.

The Patient’s Addiction Treatment Needs

Not everyone’s level of addiction is the same. Addiction operates on a spectrum, and depending on where the patient is on that spectrum can determine what program they should enroll in. Outpatient treatment is suitable for those who have issues that may be milder or have been moderated through a more time-intensive program prior to enrolling in outpatient treatment.

Balancing Work with Addiction Treatment

The majority of people need to work to survive, that is a reality of life. However, work is not an excuse to avoid detox or rehabilitation. That being said, there are individuals in which their work demands much of their time, and taking time off to enroll in a PHP simply may not be feasible.

For these people, IOP or outpatient addiction treatment can still help a great deal. Any kind of recurring treatment is always a better solution than not doing anything at all. Many programs also have robust scheduling so that those who simply cannot leave work for a given time can come in during the evening when they are free to seek out treatment. At Southeast Addiction, we figure out a schedule that works for our patients’ unique needs.

Medical Complications

Addiction is a terrible disease that can cause great damage to the body and the mind when left untreated. Many people with a substance use disorder also manage co-occurring conditions such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder, or physical conditions that require medical attention.

This time offered to other medical professionals may pull available time away from full-time addiction treatment. While many inpatient facilities can offer basic medical assistance on-site—especially in the case of medication management or medication-assisted therapy (MAT), it does not replace the need for patients to visit a separate medical professional for their health needs.

Family Obligations

A person’s home life may have many obligations that prevent them from seeking out intensive outpatient treatment for addiction. Having children or being a single parent is one of the most common reasons that may make a full commitment to treatment difficult.

Outpatient Program Addiction Treatment Benefits

If the patient has a good support system such as family or friends, outpatient treatment can work very well as they can receive the necessary emotional support at home. Going to treatment for a few hours a week can reinforce concepts learned in prior programs or introduce recovery-oriented stability to a person’s week that can have a great effect over time.

Enrolling in an outpatient program can also provide access to different specialists that can offer support in numerous ways such as mental health counseling or recommendations on where to seek help for additional obstacles. A holistic approach to recovery affects many different facets of a person’s life, knowing the next steps, and being able to be referred to appropriate help at the right time is crucial.

Outpatient Program Addiction Treatment in Georgia

Southeast Addiction provides the very best addiction treatment in the greater Atlanta area. We believe that the bedrock of positive growth and freedom from addiction lies in a compassionate disposition guided by years of expertise in the addiction treatment space.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance use disorder or co-occurring conditions, contact Southeast Addiction today or call us at (770)-637-9013.

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