How to Stay Sober While Practicing Social Distancing

If you are struggling with addiction during this difficult time of the Covid-19 outbreak, contact us today and we will help you in any way we can through assessing your personal situation and coming up with a plan suited for your individual needs.

As we discussed in our last post about emotional contagion, things are kind of scary right now—but people are adjusting. It has been the better part of two months since many people started setting themselves up for quarantine and social distancing parameters have only become stricter in that time. If your state wasn’t on lockdown, chances are it is now. Many stores and public places are requiring that you wear a facial mask of some kind for the time being.

With the circumstances as such, it can be a surreal experience for anyone to go through. If you’ve struggled with addiction in the past, you know the importance of community and having a set routine and access to resources is for your recovery. Economic uncertainty, social isolation, and every day stress can create an unhealthy environment which may be conducive to relapse. Many people are struggling right now, so let’s go over a few simple tips that should serve as a reminder of just how important doing basic work is to recovery.

Keep Your Body Healthy Through Exercise

Numerous studies have shown that exercise is a potent anti-depressant in and of itself. Strangely, there is a link between a person’s physical work capacity and their likelihood of being depressed. While being out of shape is certainly not a guaranteed factor of depression, it stands to reason that stress DOES exist in the body just as much as it is in the mind.

We know that addiction is often comorbid with other conditions such as clinical depression or general anxiety disorder. These conditions left untreated can leave the addiction prone person scrambling for relief. There are plenty of rehabs in Georgia to help facilitate recovery. However, no matter where you are, stretching and getting in routine exercise every day or every other day is incredibly important not just for general physical health, but also mental and spiritual health as well.

What are the best ways to exercise during this time? Chances are that gyms in your area are closed so that is out of the question.

  1. Run or Walk Outside – If you look around, it is likely you will be able to find a sidewalk or trail nearby that you can use to run or walk on. Cardiovascular fitness is the basis of physical health, so make sure to get out there and stretch those legs and get your blood flowing!
  2. Do Bodyweight Exercises – While lifting weights is good for both men and women, let’s not forget that bodyweight exercises can be challenging in their own right. Keep your body strong through bodyweight squats, pushups, and pullups if you have a pull up bar at home.
  3. Do Stretching/Yoga – The benefits of yoga on mental health are well documented. That’s because when properly done, yoga isn’t simply stretching—it’s a spiritual practice. However, for those less inclined, even a good basic stretching routine can confer benefits of increased relaxation. Stress makes our body stiff, stretching releases that stiffness allowing us to feel at ease.

Attend Virtual 12-Step Recovery Meetings

Whichever groups you choose to participate with, chances are they are hosting virtual meetings. Many addiction recovery groups are offering virtual 12-step meetings in place of their usual schedule because they know how important consistency is to recovery. Like many rehabs in Georgia, at Southeast Addiction, we promote sobriety as a lifestyle choice, and like every lifestyle choice it must be practiced repeatedly.

If you search your local area you will undoubtedly find many groups right now who are offering online group meetings as well as many other resources for those who are in recovery.

Keep in Touch with Your Support System

Family, friends, people you come into contact with frequently, while you can’t visit them right now that doesn’t mean you still can’t keep in contact with them. Video calls, text chats, playing mobile games, these are all things which can help alleviate boredom and frustration while keeping you close to those who care about you.

Chances are they’re experiencing many of the things you are as well and would appreciate you reaching out to say hello or just stay in touch!

Practice Mindfulness Meditation or Guided Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the panacea for a lot of modern ills that come from technology and our fast paced but stressful lifestyles. Learning how to simply slow everything down and focus on your breath can lead you to a much more tranquil and calm state of mind. There are many in depth guides on how to do various meditations, there is certainly one that will suit your individual needs.

However, the most basic is simply sitting down and paying attention to the breath. Your mind WILL wander. Many people mistakenly believe that the mind wandering is a sign of failure or “being bad” at meditation. This is far from the truth.

It is through the repeated realizing that you are distracted and coming back to the breath that lasting progress is made. Eventually you will be distracted less and less and your practice will deepen naturally.

Rehabs in Georgia

There are plenty of rehabs in Georgia including Southeast Addiction. As a leading facility in the state, we’re always here for you during these and any other difficult times. The addiction recovery community has always been about giving back and being resourceful. If you are struggling with addiction during this difficult time of the Covid-19 outbreak, contact us today and we will help you in any way we can through assessing your personal situation and coming up with a plan suited for your individual needs.


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