Substance Abuse in Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta, GA is a robust city that has so much to offer to residents and tourists. Whether it’s the cuisine, culture, or local attractions, there is something for everyone to participate in and feel a part of something bigger than themselves. With that in mind, like everywhere else in the US, it is not without its faults. A variety of people who live in the city are plagued with some form of drug addiction, chief among these substances are methamphetamines and cocaine. Substance abuse in Atlanta GA has continued to be a growing concern in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. 

Here at Southeast Addiction, we are committed to helping those get on the path of recovery, so that they can live a prosperous and healthy life. Let’s take a look at the statistics for substance abuse and how addiction treatment centers like ours are paving the way with comprehensive treatment solutions.

Statistics for Substance Abuse in Atlanta GA And How Treatment Can Help

Back in 2018, findings from documented 67,367 deaths due to drug overdose. In the state of Georgia, over 60% of overdose deaths involved the use of opioids, with 866 deaths reported in 2018. The goal of many addiction treatment centers like Southeast Addiction is to get as many patients as humanly possible into recovery, so that they don’t become the victim of another grim statistic. If you or your loved one are overcome with your addictions, rest assured, there is always hope and many resources available to help facilitate the gradual process of recovery.

Treatment Options in Georgia

Recovery is a long-term process. In order to steer straight down this path, a structured plan paired with a loving support system will do wonders in helping your loved ones reorient in their daily lives. Our treatment center in Atlanta, GA provides a variety of services for patients that require additional care and guidance. With these services, we will develop an individual plan to help you meet your goals, making for an easier transition back into normal life. 

Our addiction recovery team will provide the following treatment options:

  • Medication Management & Drug Screenings: With these services in place, it will ensure that administered medications are properly managed. It will instill the fundamentals of accountability for patients, once they transition back into society.
  • Telehealth Sessions: Once someone has been discharged from formal treatment, fostering communication through telehealth outlets is vital for nourishing the behemoth that is recovery. Weekly meetings with a counselor can help a patient stay on track and prepare them for what’s out there in society.
  • DUI Evaluations: At Southeast’s treatment center in Georgia, the team of counselors can enforce DUI evaluations if needed. Going through DUI cases is not an easy situation to deal with all on your own. If a DUI evaluation is needed, our treatment center will make the necessary accommodations to help you through this process.
  • Vivitrol Maintenance: This is a form of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and is useful for holding clients responsible during the course of their treatment and recovery process. Vivitrol is used to assist patients in managing many of the ailments that come during the early stages of recovery. These can include cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and it can mitigate the relapse rates.

Additional Substance Abuse Prevention Projects & Initiatives

Georgia has a host of projects and initiatives in place, to serve those who are plagued by their drug and alcohol addictions. The ASAPP (Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project) is funding the efforts for the state of Georgia. Georgia is looking to address the early onset of alcohol use and binge drinking for the youth ages 9-25. A project of this magnitude requires that all providers participate in a state level evaluation and share the results within the local community. You can click here to see the list of projects that are dedicated to helping those who are struggling with these issues.

Curbing Substance Abuse in Atlanta GA

At Southeast Addiction, our team of professionals will work alongside patients to streamline the process of communication and simultaneously give them the tools to be successful. To learn more about the services offered at our Atlanta treatment center, you can contact us today to set up a time to speak.


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