Southeast Addiction Center understands the struggles of addiction. Our multi-disciplined team’s expertise ranges from biofeedback therapy, various treatment modalities, painkiller addiction, hydrocodone addiction, outpatient alcohol treatment, inpatient rehab for alcohol and more. When you work with the Southeast Addiction team you will feel understood and among friends.

outpatient treatment

Outpatient Treatment

William Diamantides
Executive Team

William Diamantides’s journey into the substance abuse treatment field began when his wife and sons decided to get sober themselves. With each member of his family now in long-term recovery, William knows the first-hand knowledge of the importance in quality care after placing his own loved ones through treatment. His hope for Southeast Addiction is to provide a safe and healthy opportunity for those struggling to change the outcome of their own lives. William graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in civil engineering and has been a mechanical design engineer at General Electric Aviation for over 38 years.

Garrett Diamantides
Executive Team

With nearly a decade of experience in the substance abuse treatment field, Garrett Diamantides has worked in all aspects of treatment. From a Behavioral Health Technician to an Admissions Coordinator to processing intakes and medical billing, Garrett’s extensive experience has prepared him to play a vital role in the opening of Southeast Addiction Center. Garrett’s journey started just thirteen years ago when he got sober himself. Stating that his long-term success was founded upon the cornerstone of helping others along their journey, both Garrett’s personal and professional experience is able to reach clients in a profound way during the process of treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

Dr. Randy Durbin
Medical Director

Dr. Randy Durbin is a licensed physician (Florida, Georgia, Kentucky) with emphasis on outpatient opioid treatment, occupational/preventive medicine/public health, physical medicine/osteopathic manipulation, and outpatient/urgent care medicine. He completed his medical training in Kentucky and Ohio.  He has over 24 years of experience in healthcare, public health and health informatics, and has led diverse Medical Operations Teams. He has published in peer-reviewed public health journals and health blogs, has lectured frequently, and is a subject matter expert in population health management, occupational and preventive medicine, chronic disease epidemiology, applied health/public health training, and health informatics. He is the Treasurer of the Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association, and is an elected member of the American Osteopathic Association’s House of Delegates for a 4-year term.   He lives in Forsyth County and is the proud father of 6 children.

Jennifer Renick therapist

Jennifer Renick, LCSW
Clinical Director

Prior to joining Southeast Addiction Center, Jennifer served as the program director treating those with primary eating disorders. Jennifer has experience with clinical directing and program development in the field of mental health. Prior to her work in Georgia, Jennifer worked at Wayside House located in Delray Beach, FL where she was a primary therapist in both residential, OP, and Outpatient Programs. Prior to working in substance treatment, Jennifer worked in the field of domestic violence at Women in Distress of Broward County. Jennifer is also a trained facilitator for the Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN). Her background in trauma fueled her passion in the development and implementation of the equine therapy program at Wayside House. Jennifer received a master’s and bachelor’s in social work from Florida Atlantic University and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Central Florida. In her own words, “I believe in taking a non-shaming approach that promotes empowerment and allows clients to be their best selves.”

nick davenport

Nick Davenport
Admissions Director

As a recovered addict of more than three years himself, Nick is dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle. Having over two years of experience in the field of Behavioral Health in Recovery Coaching as well as Clinical Outreach, he is passionate about his role at Southeast Addiction. He strives to help others who struggle from substance abuse, as well as their families to navigate through the challenges of attaining the benefits of long term sobriety.

Forrest Richardson
Director of Operations

Forrest found his way to helping others through his own recovery journey, which began in 2012. He entered the behavioral health field as a recovery residence counselor where he was first exposed to helping families and their loved ones. While he assisted in daily operations, Forrest primarily counseled and supervised residents in early recovery, further fueling his life-long passion for helping others. As Forrest continued his journey, he garnered more skill and exposure to addiction recovery through various duties including clinical outreach, treatment placement, intensive outpatient counseling and counseling operation oversight—all bolstered by professional supervision, training and education. Such education and training include completion of all requirements for the Georgia Certified Addiction Counselor designation, motivational interviewing, recovery residence management, and Break Free Intervention Training.

Having worked with so many families and those struggling with addiction, he identified a strength and strong passion for helping families and addicts begin their journey into recovery. In order to continue to serve and be even more effective for families and addicts, Forrest has joined the Southeast Addiction Center team. This will give him the opportunity to share his experience by overseeing operations as well as staying in contact with clients and their families

Autum Lowery headshot

Autumn Lowery, LMSW
Primary Therapist

Autumn is a Licensed Master Social Worker who began her career in mental health and substance abuse treatment in 2013. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, she had enriching opportunities working in several local treatment centers which provided a variety of services to clients of diverse backgrounds suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders. She has worked in residential and intensive outpatient settings with clients struggling with issues varying from thought disorders to substance use disorders.

Autumn received her Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Case Management, as well as her Master of Social Work degree, from Kennesaw State University. Autumn has experience working with clients who struggle with co-occurring disorders, and believes it is necessary to treat clients in a holistic manner that recognizes how issues such as depression and anxiety contribute to, and often fuel, substance use disorders.

Autumn utilizes DBT, CBT, and MI modalities to assist clients in achieving their treatment goals. Autumn recognizes the importance of treating clients with the utmost care and respect, as the therapeutic relationship is vital to the treatment experience. Autumn believes in balancing validation and challenge to create opportunities for clients to step outside of their comfort zones and reach their fullest potential.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” -Anonymous 

Kyle Green, MSW
Primary Therapist

Kyle began his career in the mental health and addiction treatment setting in 2017, working with a multitude of populations impacted by the disease of addiction. While earning a Master of Social Work degree, Kyle has experience in case management, working with adolescents in early recovery, mothers with children in residential care, and Intensive Outpatient treatment to diverse populations. Kyle obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Kennesaw State University. Kyle’s treatment approach is strengths-based and holistic, considering biological and environmental factors of which contribute to substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders. Kyle is an avid researcher who emphasizes the value of the most up-to-date treatment approaches; and directly collaborates with individuals to create a tailored treatment plan that best suits their personal needs and goals. Kyle utilizes DBT, CBT, and MI when working with individuals and focuses on empowering individuals to recognize their worth and value.

Melissa Shipta headshot

Melissa Shipta
Case Manager

Melissa has been in the addiction and recovery field for over one year. Passionate about helping others with the challenges of daily life, she enjoys creating a safe place where others can be comfortable confiding their struggles and accomplishments. Prior to Southeast Addiction Center, Melissa was previously a counselor for Hope Homes Recovery and a former house manager at Agape Recovery. Melissa is currently studying to complete her Certified Addiction Counselor certification and continues to pursue additional education in addiction therapy. In her free time, Melissa enjoys shooting pool, going to the beach, and spending time with her family.

James Younis
Group Facilitator

After receiving a Bachelors in Education and Psychology at Westfield State University, James Younis took his passion for education and psychology to a hospital setting and began educating others struggling with substance abuse and mental health. James moved to Atlanta in 2018 to help open several treatment centers and build outstanding programs beside some of the states best. Today, James continues his journey by bringing therapeutic education to Atlanta and making recovery attainable for everyone.

Joseph Fortune headshot

Joseph Fortune, ARBS
Behavioral Health Technician

Joseph’s dedication towards helping others achieve and lead a sober lifestyle began with his personal experience with the disease of addiction and now, recovery. Joseph’s experience working in the field started in a well known treatment center where his passion to help others was instilled. The position created a passion and motivation to do more for those who suffer from a seemingly hopeless state of mind, body, and spirit. In his own words, “Southeast Recovery Center is staffed with some of the most passionate and dedicated staff that I have ever seen in a treatment program. Together, our team has what it takes to make a difference!”

Reed Whitecotton headshot

Reed Whitecotton
Behavioral Health Technician

Bio coming soon!

dog laying outside of house


Titan is originally from Orlando Florida where he had a brief stay in a corrections facility after his previous owner left him tied to a tree in his backyard. Titan was then involuntarily admitted to Orange County animal control but was luckily rescued by his human who looked beyond the negative stigma associated with his breed. He began his therapy training journey helping his human work with adult and child survivors of domestic violence and continued to work with groups and individuals who struggle with substance abuse, mental health disorders, and trauma. Titan is highly trained in aversion and exposure therapy interventions along with advanced distress tolerance skills from cohabitating with a chihuahua.

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