The Long-Term Benefits Of Alcohol Detox

There is a lot of apprehension for those trying to quit their drinking, because of how severe the withdrawal symptoms can be. There is much trial and tribulation when trying to curb an addictive behavior. 

There is a lot of apprehension for those trying to quit their drinking, because of how severe the withdrawal symptoms can be. There is much trial and tribulation when trying to curb an addictive behavior. 

For many, it’s not something that happens overnight. Alcohol withdrawal can be debilitating both mentally and physically. The withdrawal symptoms are what discourage many patients from staying the course with their journey of recovery. 

But in order to treat alcoholism at its core, there will be a period of hardship, but this will be well worth it if you can put these addictive behaviors to the wayside.

We’re going to be assessing what the long-term benefits of alcohol detox can look like, and how dealing with shortcomings like alcohol withdrawal are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. 

Alcohol Detox And Why It’s Important

Detoxing is the first stage in treating severe alcoholism. During the initial phases, the goal is to completely flush the alcohol out of your system. 

Withdrawal symptoms will begin to dissipate about a week or two out from when you started the detox, but this hinges on the severity of the AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder).

Once patients have completed this phase, you and your addiction specialists will be able to prioritize other components within the recovery process such as therapy, counseling sessions, and other miscellaneous support options.

Alcohol is a depressant that your body can depend on, due to months or several years of drinking. The brain will stop the production of specific chemicals that it’s getting from the alcohol, increasing the dependency for alcohol. 

So for those who have newly curbed their drinking, expect a period of readjustment to follow. This is when withdrawal symptoms like fever, headaches, hallucinations, etc, will begin to appear. 

In other cases, withdrawal symptoms from alcohol detox can be difficult to maintain when chronic pain begins to surface. The symptoms come and go sporadically, which is why it’s imperative to detox under the care of a dedicated medical team.

The treatment specialists will ensure that you have the appropriate resources in place to correctly deal with the pain and other chronic symptoms that can arise. 

Your medical team will prescribe the necessary pain medication to ensure that your symptoms aren’t constantly plaguing how you function, on a daily basis.

If you are committed to taking the steps towards recovery, you can contact our team at Southeast Addiction to see how we can help you during this period of recovery and transition.

Withdrawal symptoms are not to be taken lightly and you shouldn’t have to endure them all on your own. Alcohol detox should always be closely assessed, even for those with pre-existing heart or lung diseases. 

These can potentially augment your withdrawal symptoms if not kept in check. If you don’t take the necessary precautions to monitor the withdrawal symptoms with medical personnel, the end results could be fatal.

Familial Support & Finding The Help To Get Better

Seeking help is the first step of many in the recovery process. The decision to get treatment is not something to undermine. It takes a lot to hone into this mode of vulnerability. 

Acknowledging the addictive behavior shows that you’re willing and able to implement the necessary changes to achieve the ultimate goal of sobriety. This level of cognizance cannot be taught, it has to come innately from within. 

Your family and friends function as your pillar of strength during times of duress and agony. When the going gets tough, they will rise to the occasion to help you during this period of rehabilitation. 

Understand that no one is meant to go through this alone and when you have this support system in place, it removes many of the physical and emotional strains that are associated with detox and recovery.

When aligning yourself with a treatment center, you have to be diligent in making your selection as these are the professionals who are going to give you the tools to be successful. 

Here at Southeast Addiction we take the guesswork out of effective treatment programs. We approach every patient with compassion, empathy, and dedication in tailoring an individualized treatment plan that adheres to your needs and desires.


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