Importance of Telehealth in Keeping Sober During Quarantine

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COVID-19 has changed so much of the landscape for many industries. One of those industries affected is the recovery industry. Clients keeping sober during quarantine has become to focus for many recovery professionals. Treatment centers provide a necessary service of helping those who are suffering from substance use disorders to get back on their feet and learn the skills and coping strategies to embrace a life free of addiction.

However, given that many treatment centers must respect the now additional requirements of space and keeping people responsibly socially distanced, this represents new challenges in taking on patients without overcrowding facilities. There is also a big elephant in the room that we feel does not receive enough attention in the wake of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Is Worsening Mental Health Conditions

As of the time of the writing this, it has been approximately 4 months since the United States had started taking the virus seriously. Much has occurred during that time, but a constant has been the media coverage about the virus and everything peripherally relevant to the virus.

However, there has been a failure to address just how badly the public has been affected in terms of mental health. It is understandable that the morale of the general public is low as record unemployment and general fear surrounding the virus contribute to significant stress. However, “low morale” does not sufficiently describe the exacerbated public mental health crisis we are experiencing.

Suicide rates—especially those in young people under 25 have been increasing greatly in the past decade. However, thankfully many credible sources are starting to catch on and put out information and notices about the phenomenon. Keeping sober during quarantine can be one of the most important aspects of ones health at this difficult time. The lockdowns and circumstances surrounding the virus are creating a perfect storm for mental illness and substance use to spiral out of control.

Those in Recovery Suffer Greatly During Lockdown

Typically, when life presents difficulties, many people try to cope by turning to friends and family, going out for a drink, going out for dinner, etc.

Those who are in recovery suffer from an even more diminished ability to cope with the circumstances. The very strategies that people are encouraged to utilize (meet with friends, find sober activities to pursue) are not available in many instances.

The people that struggle with a substance use disorder already have a tendency to self-isolate. Because the same behaviors can be seen in those who suffer from clinical depression—a condition that commonly accompanies substance use, self-isolation is a significant contributing factor for suicide. This puts those suffering from a substance use disorder at double risk for self-harm or suicide during lockdown due to the pandemic.

Telehealth Services Can Help With Substance Use Disorders

Whether you are actively suffering from a SUD, or know someone who is displaying the signs of abuse, it may be difficult to seek out treatment during the pandemic. Many treatment centers such as Southeast Addiction are quickly changing and adapting to new regulations to keep the spread of the virus at a minimum, however that does not mean that the present state of the pandemic will not deter some people from seeking out treatment as they are afraid of transmission.

It is unfortunately an extra obstacle to recovery at a time when we believe people need our help the most. While we urge all who are reading this to take every precaution, it is important to remember that addiction can and is often a fatal disease that has already tragically taken the lives of many individuals during the quarantine. Keeping sober during quarantine is a challenge.

If you cannot manage to make it out to treatment or therapy in person where available, it is crucial that you at least turn to telehealth services which have been greatly expanded in response to the pandemic across the board. Both medical and mental health services are being offered at a reduced cost or even for free during this time.

In addition to that, many recovery-based groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous are doing online video chat meetings using apps such as Zoom to meet and still touch base with one another.

These methods of outreach are incredibly important in letting people know that they are not alone and that other people are struggling similarly.

Substance Use Addiction Treatment Georgia

We implore those who are suffering from a SUD or if you suspect a family or friend is suffering from a substance use disorder to explore your options for telehealth treatment today. Speaking to a counselor, mental health professional, or even a medical professional can make a difference.

Getting in touch with our addiction treatment specialists’ is also recommended. Contact Southeast Addiction today for addiction treatment in the greater Atlanta GA area.


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